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Nine Tips to Spice Up Your (Ecommerce) Product Pages

So you’re thinking of launching a new eCommerce site to sell your grandma’s hot sauce?

Your grandma’s hot sauce… maybe?



In your mind, you’re thinking that you just need to throw up a page showing off how awesome it is and throw some money on google ads and watch the benjamins pile up.

Then after spending hundreds of dollars on ads, you realize that you haven’t sold a single thing. You’re probably confused and wondering what is going on….this hot sauce is AMAZING. Why don’t people want to buy it? You try lowering the price to the point where you make NOTHING and it still doesn’t sell. What do you do?

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got a few suggestions of things for you to try. You may know how delicious this hot sauce is compared to the other box brands at the grocery store, but someone who has never tried it doesn’t.

How do you get that message across in a way that shows how amazing it really is?

Our answer: spicing up the product page.

We thought this stock photo was spicy.

How to improve your product pages

Every single product page should have the following information:

  1. High-quality images of your product

  2. An image with a person with the product (this is so people can get an idea of size and show that you are a real brand)

  3. Testimonials (have all of your cousins send over a video of how much they love the hot sauce)

  4. Differences in product vs competitors (why is your hot sauce better than the rest?)

  5. What can you use the product for? (is the hot sauce for tacos or marinating? What else can you use it for?)

  6. Link to bundle options (have a few flavors they can bundle together for a discount?)

  7. Make the discounts apparent (if they are a new buyer, what is their discount for buying their first hot sauce?)

  8. Tie in a short-form blog post like a recipe (give people something to take the hot sauce and use it on right away)

  9. Use icons to highlight the features of the product (how spicy is the hot sauce? Use a flame icon if it is super hot!)

Go to your product page that is struggling at the moment and compare it to the list above. Does your page have all of these things?

If not, get to work creating those pieces of content and answering those questions. Come back for more ideas to improve your conversions once you’ve taken care of that.

Best of luck!


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