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Perfecting Your Outreach : Asking vs. Giving

What’s the number one way to grow your customer base? Giving away free stuff.

Okay, it might not be as simple as that, but hear me out. If you want to gain more customers than ever, give, give, give.



Think from the Customer's Perspective.

If a brand reached out to you in hopes of you trying their new product, which message would you prefer?

“Hey! Love your account. You have great vibes and if it’s alright with you we’d love to send you some free product. No catch or anything– if you like it and you want to share it then feel free to tag us, but no pressure at all! Hope you’re having a good day, let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get that sent over to you!”

Hey! We have lots of awesome things on our website! It’s $20 and you seem like you’d enjoy it. Go ahead and check us out and give us a follow! Thanks!”

Unless you’re a fan of spammy sounding messages, odds are you’d prefer option A. I would too.

Why Does This Work?

In short, it’s because it’s pretty rare to find a company that genuinely cares about its customers. It’s sad, but it’s true. Most companies are so engulfed in the success of their business that they forget that the customers are the reason they thrive. It’s refreshing for the customer to see a company that cares for them and who they are.

When you offer your customer a free product, they know that there are no strings attached. They see that you’re not in it for the money, but rather for the experiences–and people love experiences. I don’t know about you, but I’m much more willing to promote a product that comes from good people instead of selfish ones.

Now let’s get into details.

What if I can’t afford to give any product?

This is an understandable question. For some companies, it may be unrealistic to give away any product. Maybe it’s just too expensive to make, or you have a very low budget and can’t risk it. These are valid worries, but there’s still a way you can give.

You see, giving doesn’t only have to be in a physical sense. If you can’t give away a product, try giving away other things. This could be a deal, tips, advice, or a sense of community. Slide into those DMs and tell someone you love their page (and that’s it!). Make yourself known, introduce your business, compliment them, and be on your way.

Building Community is Important for Any Brand.

If that’s your main focus, the rest will follow. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and consider what would prompt you to share a company to your socials or purchase a new product. At the end of the day, you and your customers are a lot more similar than you think.


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